Chiropractics work miracles for asthma.

In traditional medicine, there is no known cure for asthma।

Healing through natural treatments on the other hand is showing real results with kids and adults throwing away their pumps for good।

Holistic healing is gaining a lot of respect while traditional medicine continues to scratch it's head over undeniable results in asthma and allergy victims who are begining to educate themselves (like me) on the benefits of good eating and healthy bodies.

Chiropractics and natural herbs helped my wife and I take control of our allergies which in Nashville TN, (pollen capital) is a blessing and so we decided to share this simple information with the whole world.  I'm 36 years old and this year in February I got my 1st adjustment. At first I went to encourage my wife who has been fighting headaches and endometriosis for years (no operating on your ovaries will not get rid of it). She had been telling me about Dr. D.Kellog at New Life Chiropractics (members of Maximized Living) in Brentwood and managed to convince me to come see the presentation she makes every Tuesday and Thursday night. What a wake-up call that was !

Did you know most diseases are caused by a small misalignment in the spine that puts pressure on the nerves, causing disruption in the nervous system which is how information travels from your brain to your organs (including lungs) and vice versa, leading to pain, sickness and disease such as chronic asthma. Adjusting the curve in your spine removes this pressure, allowing clear communication from your brain down through your spine on to your organs, allowing the body to heal itself.

How does it happen?

Sensors within the nervous systems relay information about the status of the immune system. This input is processed and a signal is sent to various sites in the body via three major pathways. Hormones are then produced to regulate immune imbalance.

Micoplasma in Severe Asthma(pdf) is also directly related to disruptions in your central nervous system and poor nutrition. Chiropractics liberate your nerves but you're responsible for a healthy balanced diet of raw organic foods. Save a life (yours) and get a good juicer today to start enjoying the benefits of a body that heals itself. Organic Organic Organic. Stop putting chemicals in your body. They damage your immune system.

New Life Chiropractics uses the Maximized Living model, which is to get your spine back to it's original curvature. It take 9 months to a year to do this. Dr. D. even helped a 90 year old woman get her curve back as well. Crazy stuff!

Traditional medicine so far can only control attacks where a holistic approach is known to prevent and even rid the body of asthma completely.

Your body can heal itself naturally if you understand how it works. Healthy eating has a direct and immediate positive impact on cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, childhood disease, pain, depression, etc.

Chiropractic, unlike traditional health care practices (including drugs) is not about treating disease but more about preventing it by keeping your central nervous system in optimal working condition.

Note: Chiropractics is the one alternative therapy most likely to be covered by your health insurance. Even Medicare and Medicaid cover it. I believe ETNA does to.
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